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“I am a QUEEN!”

Boudoir Photographers do more than show skin. They tell stories. Their images do more than spark desire, they evoke empowerment and there’s nothing more powerful than that!

Many women are intrigued by the idea of having a boudoir photo shoot but have no real sense of what the experience is actually like. I have always said that I believe it is something every woman should do at least once in their life. Every client I have photographed has been so transformed from their experience that I thought it was really important to share some recent feedback for anyone who is currently having doubts about taking the plunge! 

Have a read below for Christine’s Blush Experience. 

How did you feel BEFORE your session?


How did you feel AFTER your session?


Did you LOVE your hair and makeup? 

“I loved my hair and makeup! I went back to Lan for an event”. 

What was the favourite part of your session? 

“The entire session! I loved everything about it.” 

Is there anything you would change about your boudoir session? 

“NO WAY!”. 

Were your products on time and everything you were expecting? 

“Yes, most definitely. Faster than I anticipated”. 

What advice would you give another upcoming client to enter the shoot with?

“Trust in the process and go in with an open mind. You will thank yourself later once you see the pictures”. 

Any other comments to add about your shoot?

” Much love and respect must be shown for the beautiful ladies who made me feel like an absolute QUEEN on my first round of photos! I have since referred 2 other ladies, about to go for a second shoot, and I talk about my experience to every single woman I know! Ange made me feel so comfortable right from the start. Getting to chat before the shoot, I felt a sense of calm by the time we got into it. Ange helps guide you into each shot and even gets on the floor and shows you what to do – talk about commitment to the cause! I walked away from this experience full of adrenaline, with an overwhelming sense of pride in myself. This was the most empowering thing I have EVER done! Ange, you helped bring out a side of me I thought I had lost! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will love you for a lifetime for what you have given back to me – the love I have for myself! I am so lucky to have these photos to look back on to remind myself on the not-so-good days, that I AM A QUEEN!!!!”

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