Body Image with our Ambassador, Jess || Townsville Boudoir Studio.

Let’s talk body image! 

Being a Boudoir Photographer is not just about taking pretty images, yes, that is the fun and exciting part but it goes a lot deeper than that for a lot of women. 

Boudoir Sessions are about building confidence and a positive relationship between you and your body. It is about learning to accept yourself for who you are. 

I have woman come through my doors from all walks of life…. and most often then not, are struggling with body image and accepting their beauty and themselves for who they are. 

I recently had our gorgeous Ambassador, Jess, share a post about her experience with Blush Studio Townsville. I thought it was important to share it with you all in hopes that this may inspire some woman who are sitting on the fence about taking the next step to do a session to see the beauty in these sessions and that they go a lot deeper then just being ‘beautiful images’. 

Jess’s Post Below: 

“Put your hand up if you have an issue with one or multiple aspects of your body? I have done a lot of personal development around my perception of my body, especially recently. Prior to this photo shoot I wasn’t feeling 100% around how I perceived myself. 

I received the photo’s from Ange from Blush Studio and I was shocked! I couldn’t believe how healthy and feminine my body looked. 

So what did I do?

I sat down and wrote down all of my ill perceived thoughts around my body image. I then challenged those thoughts with the images I had received. Not one of my ill perceived thoughts had weight against the images. 

Some of you might perceive the lingerie images that I share as an excuse for me to share photos wearing very little, but they are so much more. They have allowed me to personally grow so much and along the growth, I have had the ability to be honest and share those experience in hope that I can help even just one women!

If you are on the fence about having a Boudoir Shoot, do yourself a favour and book because you will not be disappointed. Seriously, Ange is amazing and makes you feel so sexy, relaxed and the photos she produces resonates these aspects”. – Jess Molloy.

View a sneak peek of Jess’ Session below: 

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